The average home buyer, when asked about the enormity of his or her decision to purchase, own and maintain a home, will tell you that the entire home ownership project is one of immense importance and responsibility. Potential buyer say that it is one of the biggest investments she or he will ever make and that she or he expects the property – once person owns it – to be the single largest asset she or he will ever own; and all the information imparted by the average home buyer, in attempting to provide the most truthful answers to the question, will be analyzed by real estate agents to determine how serious or motivated potential owner is in wanting to own a home. It is through this realization that prospective home buyers have approached home buying with a healthy dose of caution and, as such, have sought to get as many questions answered as they possibly can prior to making a commitment to buy via the signing of a contract or purchase agreement; and some the most important questions they need answered centers around affordability. First they might question themselves, then have a family discussion – when appropriate – and [...]